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Have an innovative product idea? We handle the heavy lifting of bringing complex electronics products from concept to consumer.

Your product should dominate the market

To do that, your product must be visually stunning, perfectly functional, globally useful, and sustainably manufactured. You need a design group that can make this happen.

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Work with us to...

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Get Peace of Mind

After decades of designing and developing products, we’ve garnered a wealth of experience to draw from. We know the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
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Differentiate Your Brand

Our impeccable eye for design and craftsmanship ensures that your product will be state of the art, functionally sound and aesthetically beautiful.
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Delight Your Customers

Each product we make is a unique expression of our commitment to quality and true inspiration. Your customers will feel that.

Revolutionary products. Evolutionary thinking.

Wherever you are in your process and whatever your internal capabilities, we work with you to integrate exquisite aesthetics, flawless engineering, brilliant technology integration, and ecological mindfulness.

Our time-tested process:

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We figure out who you are and what you want. We then articulate and amplify that essence. You don’t have to know exactly how to express what you want, we discover that together. Whether it’s a brand new product or even a brand new company, the results will be tremendous.

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Our designers have won multiple national and international design awards and have worked for some of the most prestigious design firms in the world. Our award-winning products range from electronic devices to residential lighting to industrial equipment.

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The genius of our product development is in technology integration. It requires an incessant curiosity about the global marketplace, the ability to think metaphorically, and the bravado to create something the world has never seen before.

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Our engineers have decades of combined experience producing consumer, industrial, and military products. They possess a precise attention to detail and a comprehensive mastery of materials, combined with an artist’s creativity and an entrepreneur’s ingenuity.

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Green Design

Since we consider the impact of our actions in all areas, including our designs, processes, and messages, “green design” is integral to Sound Advice’s work. It is imperative for humanity to revolutionize how it interacts with itself and with nature. Conscientious design demonstrates that we can not only do this, but we can do it elegantly and intelligently.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property attorneys are an integral part of our development process. We actively engage with your IP attorneys to identify novelty in your product and help you protect it. Our close collaboration with IP lawyers results in a distinguished product with multi-layered, defensible intellectual property that safeguards your position in the marketplace.

Illustration for Business Development

Business Development

Whether you have a solid business model to take your product to market or are in the process of building one, the business development professionals at Sound Advice can provide you with the critical insight—and even the business documents—necessary to define your strategy, develop your infrastructure, and collaborate with your investors to ensure their confidence in your market success.

How we succeed

Many products are developed in a disjointed, linear fashion. Our way is better. Here’s how:

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The traditional way

In the traditional way of working, the process is linear and disjointed. The design phase ends, and invariably the engineers notice aspects of the design that don’t match their expectations, and often defy the laws of physics. So changes must be made. And on and on... causing delays and budget woes.

Traditional Process

Our way: radial development

Radial development describes a process that progresses simultaneously and proportionally on multiple fronts. As with the growth of an ecological system or a healthy community, the system as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and each part of the system is known to be integral to overall health.

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“True authenticity fueled by pure inspiration.”

At Sound Advice, we know that you want to be a leader in the high-end electronics market, and that means bringing your innovative product idea to life. But the complexity of the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes can feel overwhelming. We believe you shouldn’t have to struggle with technical challenges to realize your groundbreaking idea.

We understand these challenges deeply. For over 30 years, we’ve designed world-class products, and as a group we have over 50 patents to show for it. Some of the most renowned brands in the world count as our customers, including Nokia, BMW, Microsoft, AKG, JBL, Blue Microphones, Electrovoice and more. Our designs win awards and become top sellers in their category.

We make the complex development process as straightforward as we can with these 4 steps:

  1. Schedule a free consultation: reach out to discuss your vision and specific needs.
  2. Discovery phase: we conduct a thorough assessment of your project, including market research, feasibility studies, technical requirements and any other pre-production work necessary.
  3. Collaborate: We work closely with you to design and develop your electronics product, addressing every technical challenge with our decades of expertise.
  4. Launch: Bring your product to market.

Schedule your free consultation today so you can conquer the overwhelm and see your innovative product come to life, leading the market with excellence and confidence.

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